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Trends for Tomorrow's Home


These 4 ideas are a condensed version of an article published by Deidre Sullivan in December of 2013 and are just as relevant today.

1. Energy Efficiency due to necessarily skyrocketing energy bills in the future causing homes to move toward more sustainable and efficient water use, especially the use of grey water systems, which reuse up to 60% of household water for watering plants and flusing toilets.

2. Energy Dashboards, which are similar to the ones in your cars, which tell you how many miles per gallon you are getting. Beacause knowledge is power!

3. Whole House Generators power up when the power goes down and allow homeowners to live comfortably until the power has been restored. If you live in an area where hurricanes are relatively common, then you have probably experienced life without power and you know how valuable a whole house generator would be.

4. The Rise of the Farmer's Market is bringing farmers and foodies together to sell seasonal, locally grown food directly to the consumer. This reduces the energy needed to get food transported from farm to table.

As a local resident of Baton Rouge and Metairie, I greatly appreciate access to the Farmer's Market. Not only are tranportation costs being saved, but the food is fresher and tastier than a lot of grocery store products. With the added bonus of being able to actually have a conversation with the farmers, you know exactly what you are getting!


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